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The Songs -category demos have both mastered and non mastered versions available. Every instrument in the songs are from Memories sound bank, even the drums. The normal (mixed) versions of the songs have a very raw sound, only some light eq (mostly low cut) was used to clean the mix of too much layered bass frequencies.

The mastered versions of the songs are mastered very lightly. Only 2dB of dynamic gain reduction was used. This way the the songs retain the original feel and timbre of the raw sounds. Some stereo expansion was also used on the mastered versions.

The Sounds -category demos are show the naked raw (unaltered) sound of the individual Sound Sources. This is what you will hear when you play the sounds "out of the box".

All the sound demos have been rendered with the Alchemy version of the pre-prepared patches. The delay and reverb comes from Alchemy and is pre programmed on the normal versions of the patches. The No FX versions have the delay and reverb turned off by default. Please see the product manual for more details. The mp3 player on the right uses the exact same sound files.

To download sound demos, please click on the sound file name.

Analog Universe - Memories Sound Demos:
Sound Category: Sound File:
Songs Reason to Dream mastered.mp3
Reason to Dream.mp3
Sounds Bass - Anabass.mp3
Bass - Bass Weight.mp3
Bass - Bassman.mp3
Bass - Nerves.mp3
Bass - XBass.mp3
Brass - Analogy.mp3
Brass - Mellow.mp3
Brass - Modern Day.mp3
Brass - Soft Brass.mp3
Brass - Soft Electrics.mp3
Keys - Feel Me.mp3
Keys - Feel Retro.mp3
Keys - Gorgeous.mp3
Leads - Attack.mp3
Leads - Cheesy Dog.mp3
Leads - Eternal Dance.mp3
Leads - Memories.mp3
Leads - Phat Lead.mp3
Leads - Pluck Lead.mp3
Leads - Revive.mp3
Leads - Saw Lead.mp3
Leads - Square Fun.mp3
Leads - Trance NRG.mp3
Leads - Turbo Lover.mp3
Leads - You Lead.mp3
Pads - Champions.mp3
Pads - Creamy.mp3
Pads - Flutesque.mp3
Pads - Melody.mp3
Pads - Possibilities.mp3
Pads - Sparkling.mp3
Plucks - Andy Is Going.mp3
Plucks - Back Again.mp3
Plucks - Beyond Analog.mp3
Plucks - Extreme.mp3
Plucks - Filter Pluck.mp3
Plucks - Fuel Injection.mp3
Plucks - Impact.mp3
Plucks - Reset.mp3
Plucks - Rythm Pluck.mp3
Strings - Epic Heroes.mp3
Strings - Lost Viola.mp3
Strings - Saturnus.mp3
Strings - Stars Of Orion.mp3
Sweeps - Child Of Dawn.mp3
Sweeps - Cosmic Sweep.mp3
Sweeps - Lunar Gravity.mp3
Sweeps - Wormhole Jump.mp3

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