Analog Universe: Memories, Free Demo Sounds

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The Free Demo Sounds on this page have been exclusively programmed for product evaluation purpose, meaning to give you a better understanding of what is included in the full commercial version of Analog Universe: Memories.

You are free to use these demo sounds within original music compositions (even commercial ones), this includes Multimedia/Game Music projects. Using these demo sounds in any sample based product is strictly forbidden. Also further distribution of these sounds is strictly forbidden. Please see the Licence Agreement for further information.

Please note that these demo sounds are not included in the commercial "full version" of Analog Universe: Memories for licensing reasons. These demo sounds are however fully compatible with Analog Universe: Memories and can be installed into the same directory for convenience. For installation instructions, please see the Analog Universe: Memories user manual (included in the rar).

To download the demo sounds, please click here.

Here are additional examples of how the raw sfz files in Memories can be manipulated in Rapture and Alchemy. This way you can easily transform the sfz files into something completely different. Similar manipulations can be done in Dimension Pro.

PC Users: If you have problems extracting the file(s), please try the 7-Zip program.

MAC Users: If you have problems extracting the file(s), please use The Unarchiver.

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