Analog Universe - Memories

Product summary:
Product type: Sample Library
Product line & name: Analog Universe, Memories
Multi-sample format(s): sfz
Wave data format: wav, 48kHz, 24-bit, mono
Prepared patches for: Camel Audio Alchemy, Cakewalk Rapture &
Dimension (full and LE versions)
sfz files and samples total: 291 sfz files, 6202 wave samples
Alchemy patches: 313 + 313 no fx versions
Dimension/Pro patches: 606 (no synth fx used)
Rapture patches: 606 + 587 no fx versions
Download size: Total 1.52GB, .rar compressed (1-file), 2.06GB unpacked
Manual, sound-list/demos: Manual | FAQ | Sound List | mp3 Demos | Demo Sounds
Introductory price: 79.99 EUR (including 19% VAT)

Analog Universe - Memories
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Welcome to Analog Universe - the expandable analog synthesizer sound source library.

Powerful sounds for you

Analog Universe - Memories puts the sounds of one of the most powerful analog synthesizers ever built, -the Alesis A6 Andromeda "Andy" on your fingertips. Trough hard programming and countless hours spent with the A6 we have taken Andromeda's diverse synthesizer engine to new heights.

Analog Universe - Memories

Armin Van Buuren -One of the most successful dance music DJ's in the world commented on the Andromeda: "The Alesis Andromeda sounds amazing" on Sound On Sound magazine (August 2009), link to the SOS article.

Analog Universe - Memories is a new kind of revolutionary hybrid sound source sample/patch library based on the open sfz format. By heart its a sample library but it also includes pre-programmed patches for Camel Audio Alchemy, Cakewalk Rapture / Rapture LE and Dimension Pro / Dimension LE synthesizers. The core multi-sample sound source library should also work well in most other synthesizers and samplers available with .sfz file loading capability.

What is a "sound source" sample library?

By a sound source sample library we refer to a sample library whose multi-sample sounds are self contained instruments. This means that all the individual multi-sample sounds are playable instrument programs "as is". Each multi-sample or "sound source" is a straight recreation of the original synthesizer patch used to make the sound, and they sound just like the real thing.

Great layering and splitting possibilities

Modern synthesizers with .sfz file loading capabilities like Alchemy, Rapture & Dimension Pro gives you multiple oscillators or "sound sources" to choose from. As each of these oscillators can play individual .sfz multi-samples, sounds can very easily be layered for huge walls of sound or split across the midi keyboard for better performance possibilities.

Experiment with layering sounds, modulation, filtering and fx processing and you will soon be rewarded with true analog mayhem. Please see our tutorial section for more in depth examples.

Sounds made by a musician for musicians

Analog Universe - Memories

Lets face it, all musicians like melodic "usable" sounds. What is the point of having huge sounds if they are too complex or simply unmusical to compose with? As a composer myself I understand this and design my sounds with musical usability as the first design priority. As a result, these beautiful sounds were born to make music with. I hope you agree.

Premium sound quality

Our special sampling methods have truly recreated Andromeda's signature sound in the digital domain. All the sounds are seamlessly looped by manually listening and tuning the loops of every sample. This ensures that there are few if any looping artefacts left on any of the samples.

For those sounds that benefit from long loops we deliberately kept the loops long, this way the natural oscillation and phase cohesion of the waveforms are kept more intact. The sampling method we used was highly optimized for best quality, while at the same time keeping the file sizes within reasonable margins.

For more information on the product, please see the technical details page or check our FAQ section.

Something fresh

We think we have created something fresh and believe these will be your workhorse sounds for years to come, injecting your songs full of life!

Don't just take our word for it, listen to the sound demo's from the player on the right column or download the mp3 files from Memories sound demos page or check the product videos. There are also some free demo sounds here!

We hope you will love Analog Universe - Memories as much as we do.

Yours faithfully,
Joonas Vaara
Elemental Arts founder and CEO,

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