Frequently Answered Questions - FAQ

Order process and delivery

Who is the producer of the samples I bought?

Elemental Arts, Finland is the producer of all the sounds sold and advertised through website. All our products are custom made by us in Finland.

Who is the seller of the products?

Share-It is currently the only seller of Elemental Arts products. This is the reason why the "buy" links on our product pages link to Share-It website. In the future there may also be other sellers for our products. We will inform you of them here when that happens.

Who is Share-It?

Share-It is a service of Digital River (Digital River GmbH). Share-It is a seller of Elemental Arts products.

Can I buy from you directly?

Unfortunately you currently cannot buy Elemental Arts products straight from us. This may however change in the future.

Is it safe to buy from Share-It?

Absolutely! Share-It uses a state of the art 1024-bit VeriSign SSL encryption method to protect you and your sensitive date during the entire order process. Please see the Share-It FAQ for more information on this.

Why is the price different on Share-It website?

Please note that in the Share-It shopping cart the total price includes by default additional "Extended Download" service. The Extended Download service enables you to download the product from Share-It website up to 24 month(s) after receipt of your payment by going to "My account" in the Customer Care Center. If you remove this additional product from the shopping cart the total price should match what is indicated on our website. Please remember that without the "Extended Download service" you can only download the product from Share-It website for a few days after the purchase. In this case it is highly recommended to download the product from Share-It immediately after your purchase/payment has been processed.

I'm a corporate customer, do I need to pay VAT?

Companies in the EU with a valid VAT ID can input their VAT ID into the Share-It order form. This will remove the price of VAT from the purchase.

Who delivers the product to me?

When buying our products from Share-It, it is Share-It who delivers the product(s) to you. Please see the question below or the Share-It FAQ for information on product delivery times.

When do I get the product which I bought from Share-It?

When buying our products from Share-It, the product delivery time depends on the payment method. When you pay with a credit/debit card, PayPal, transfer your payment online during the order process, or use a purchase order you will get a download link to the product immediately with your order confirmation.

If you have selected a different payment type, the delivery will be initiated as soon Share-It receives your payment. You will receive an e-mail confirmation from Share-It when your payment is received. Please see the Share-It FAQ for more information on this.

Product installation

I'm having trouble opening/extracting the rar files I downloaded from Share-It, what should I do?

To save space and make your download(s) smaller, our products are compressed using the rar compression method. It may be that your current file extraction utility cannot extract rar compressed files. If you encounter trouble while extracting the product rar files, please follow these instructions below.

PC Users: If you have problems opening the rar file(s), please try the 7-Zip program.

MAC Users: If you have problems opening the rar file(s), please use The Unarchiver.

Where should I install the sample content and patches?

This depends a bit on which synthesizer/sampler you are using to play the sounds with and how you want to arrange your sound libraries. Generally the best place for our patches and sounds is in a subfolder under the factory patch/sound location for the synthesizer/sampler you are using.

Look for the manual of the synthesizer(s) and/or sampler(s) in question and the manual of our product(s) for more information on patch/sound installation paths. Our product manuals can be found at the product page for the product in question. Also each product purchased from us comes with a user manual included in the rar archive.

Product support

Who is responsible for support?

All technical questions related to product installation and usage should be addressed to us (support [at] Please see the support page for more information on how to request support from us.

All questions regarding the Order Process and product delivery should be addressed to the seller you bought our product(s) from. All important support documentation for Share-It can be found at the Share-It FAQ page.

Legal information

Is it possible to see the product Licence Agreement before buying the license?

Yes we keep our license agreement documents freely accessible to the public, this will avoid confusion as to what you are actually buying and what are your rights and responsibilities as a license holder to our product. You will find the License Agreement for Analog Universe - Memories here.

I´m working in a session studio collaboration with other musicians, am I allowed to install the sounds to my colleagues?

Our software licenses are registrable for only one user. Each user of our products must be bought a separate user license.

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