Analog Universe - Memories reviewed in WSM

Analog Universe: Memories

Analog Universe - Memories has just been reviewed in the Wusik Sound Magazine (WSM) September 2011 issue. This extensive 3-page review puts Analog Universe - Memories on a test bench, read how the product was received by the WSM press here.

Analog Universe - Memories Now Released!

Analog Universe: Memories

Analog Universe is a "sound source" style sample library product series made using legendary and unique real analog synthesizers. The first product (available now!) in the series is called Analog Universe - Memories.

Memories is a tribute to the memory of the legendary Alesis A6 Andromeda, a now discontinued but feature-wise unparalleled analog beast whose phat analog sound many synth lovers will no doubt miss sourly.

With this painstakingly produced sound source sample library you have a easy way to conjure the unique Andromeda signature sound in your productions. Long live the A6 Andromeda! Please visit the Analog Universe - Memories product page for more information.

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